Small Island Syndrome

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Small Island Syndrome

This show will be performed in ENGLISH by Vlad and Steve – Island’s Finest Procrastinators.

Two guys talk about what it is like growing up on the most catholic island on the planet…where you can only shag in cars and priests have a show called the Crucif..x factor.

About The Performers: Adored as a god by a tribe in Papua New Guinea (because of rumours that sacred milk seeps from his nipples every third Thursday of the month), many scientists now believe that it is in fact Steve’s enormous manhood, not his breasts that are of more significance to the world.

Born in a 1979 black Cadillac with baby shark skin, it seemed as though Vlad’s destiny would have been that of a two-bit Slavic gangster. However, growing up, Vlad realized that doing comedy is much more important than that. He travelled the world until he landed on Malta, a tiny rock off the coast of Sicily, hanging in there like a tiny annoying tumor. Vlad’s heavily personal sets remind us that there is still something wrong with this world – him.

Good luck to anyone watching their show.

at 21:00 ON THE 24TH OF FEBRUARY 2018

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