(completed) English Speaking Comedy Borsch | 1st of June

(completed) English Speaking Comedy Borsch | 1st of June

The Eastern European Comedy Festival presents English Speaking Comedy Borsch – the series of shows where some of the biggest acts from Eastern European countries translate their jokes for the rest of the world to enjoy.


Dimitri Bakanov (Russia)
Leicester Square New Act of the Year 2014 – Finalist
Laughing Horse New Act of the Yea 2015 – Finalist
Dragos Mostenescu (Romania)
Co-creator and star of one of Romanians longest running sitcoms: “La Bloc”
Arielle Souma (France)
She is just what the comedy industry need; and should be forced upon every audience until they buckle under her spell” – Franky Boyle
Saban Kazim (Turkey)
Saban Kazim seems the least well prepared, but his anecdotes about his Turkish family, delivered with a constant grin, are gently amusing.” – The Skinny
Valerio Miconi (Italy)
A confused misanthrope with anger issues, Valerio Miconi has been performing since October 2014.
Marta Piechowiak (Poland)
Naturally Polish, living in London while on a gap year.. for the last 15 years
MC Chelsea Hart (25% Eastern European)
An extraordinary presence. Fresh, funny, smart, surprising.” -Kate Copstick (The Scotsman)

*We know that some of these countries aren’t considered Eastern European. This is actually one of the reasons we are doing these shows. It wouldn’t be the first time comedy changed the world.

AT 20:00 ON THE 1st OF June 2018
AT Camden Comedy Club
100 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 0LU