(completed) English Speaking Comedy Borsch | APR 3

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(completed) English Speaking Comedy Borsch | APR 3

The Eastern European Comedy Festival presents English Speaking Comedy Borsch – the series of shows where some of the biggest acts from Eastern European countries translate their jokes for the rest of the world to enjoy.


Gatis Kandis (Latvia)
Britain’s Got Talent 2012 – Semi Finalist
“You’re hysterical. I love you!” – Alesha Dixon
“It’s so terrible it’s fantastic” – Simon Cowell

Mike Topolski (Poland)
Stand Up Polska London regular MC

Arielle Souma (France)
“She is just what the comedy industry need; and should be forced upon every audience until they buckle under her spell” – Franky Boyle

Fran Kissling (Switzerland)
“To say that Fran Kissling’s stand up is unique is like saying the Pope is a tiny bit Catholic” – Stella Wright
Quantum Leopard Comedy Competition 2018 – Winner

Vash Pernicar (Czech Republic)
“Quirky and funny stories from an outsider looking in”
“I loved his humour” -PJ Promoter Suffolk Punch Comedy Club

Milo Edwards (England via Russia)
StandUp – TNT 2017
“Fantastic … had me in hysterics” – The Cambridge Student

MC Radu Isac (Romania)
BBC World Service – “What Makes the World Laugh” 2016
BBC Radio 4 – “Fresh From the Fringe” 2017
BBC World Service – “The Arts Hour” 2017

*We know that some of these countries aren’t considered Eastern European. This is actually one of the reasons we are doing these shows. It wouldn’t be the first time comedy changed the world.